Changing a field name on a form in Panorama X

If I have a form open in Pan X and let’s say that I am happy with my design but I want to change one data field from Field A to Field B.

How do I do that, or can I?

I prefer not to redraw it but I can’t seem to fine an easy way to do it. Pan 6 was trivial to do that.


As I said in the other thread, there are no “Data Fields” in Pan X anymore.

Open your form, switch to Graphic Mode, activate the object you want to change. Have a look in the Properties panel.

The rightmost tab specifies the kind of object you are editing e.g. a Text Editor field. Set Mode to “Field/Variable” and select your wanted field in the Data popup menu.

I think this setup is pretty easy in Panorama X, too.

The Panorama X equivalent to a data cell is a text editor object, with popup editing selected.

To change one from one field to another, click the “magic wand tab” (circled in red), then click the triangular menu icon at the right end of the box marked Data: and choose your field.

There are four videos designed to help transition from 6 to X. You can find these in the Help menu, on the web page, or using these links:

Converting from Panorama 6 -
Panorama 6 to X: Basics -
Panorama 6 to X: Form Design -
Panorama 6 to X: Programming -

The third video listed above goes into great detail about the differences in form editing between Panorama 6 and Panorama X. I recommend all of these videos, but that one especially may be helpful for some of the questions you have.

I think you might also find this video useful.

Form Design: Text:

Unlike previous upgrades from Panorama 3->4, 4->5, etc., you probably can’t just jump in and start using Panorama X without some study. There are too many significant changes. A couple of hours of study will smooth things out considerably.

Thanks Jim,

I see the brilliant improvements but get frustrated because this is the first iteration of Panorama that I can’t just jump into without pain.

Thanks Dave. Having looked at your comment you of course answered my question. Clearly and succinctly.

The comment below was really regarding my other question as to how to change a field from Text to Date. That too was a bit tricky.

For the other question I was asking I discovered that in the data sheet mode you can change a field from text to date to integer, etc. after you click on the “Properties” in the top right of the window.

You cannot get this window when you are in a form. It is not intuitive. In a form when you click on the field when in Design Mode you have the 7 options but none of them will allow you to change a field from Text to Date or Integer, for example.

Jim noted that too in his response to my question.

Thanks for the assistance Amigo. All questions for today are answered. It was quite a battle!

Thanks KJM. But actually there are. When in Datasheet mode if you click properties when a field is clicked you will see that you can change the properties from integer to text to date, etc.

Seems I was unclear. I spoke about Pan 6’s “Data fields” in Forms and tried to point out that this kind of form objects has been replaced with “Text Editor” objects in Pan X.

Your original question was: Can I change (what you called) a “Data Field” in a form from field A to field B? The answer is: Yes, you can change a Text Editor object’s connection to a field, and Dave and I tried to show you the way.

In order to change the data type of a field, you indeed have to edit the field’s properties in the data sheet. (If you don’t do it procedurally.)

Actually you have to open the Data Sheet from the View menu. So you can have both Views side by side until you are ready.

I am all set now. It was the need for the data sheet being open that for me was not intuitive.