Change of email and contact information

I recently moved to outside Las Vegas and just realized that I had not updated my contact info.

I was able to go to the Site License area and change my phone number, address but I continue to get stymied when I try to change my email address.

Is the email address like an account number? In other words, I can’t change it?

How to I update my information for Forum emails?

My old email address of about a third or more of a century was not transferable to the Las Vegas area since Spectrum does not serve the area.

My old email address, is dead.

New address is:

The reason I mention this is if anyone replied using my account information it will use the old email address and won’t go through.


George Beauchemin

I deleted the old and new email addresses from the post above, but Jim and the moderators can still see them in the edit history.

To change your email in Panorama X, go to Site License and click the Credentials tab, not the Owner Info tab. You will be able to edit it there.

To change your email in the forum, go to your preferences.

Under Account. look for a wrench icon, and click on it to get a button for changing your email.

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