Change measurements to inches not pixels

How do I set the measurements panel to reflect inches and not pixels?

I don’t know of any way to currently do that. Jim had expressed interest in the past of adding the ability to change the graphics mode rulers to be set as pixels (or points?) and inches or centimeters. Maybe at that time the Panel measurements will be changeable as well. Have no idea how high a priority this is but I don’t expect it any time soon.

Well yet another weirdness, sorry for the rant but I’m really getting tired of the huge amount of time needed to convert over databases that have worked perfectly fine for years. This, IMO, should not be happening. Anyway, inches and centimeters are important and why would the rulers surrounding the form in graphics mode be in inches but measurements and positions in pixels. Seems rather odd to me.

You can take screen measurements by using the screenshot function (cmd-$), so measurement in points (not pixels as pixels depend too much on the screen resolution) is not too bad. What is difficult is the conversion for printing in the real world. It is not a problem for those in the printing industry, but when you are trying to get a form to print correctly, conversion is necessary. And some fudging, which I did when I was printing out some 1099 forms this week.