Change disk name in batch

Panorama user since long time. Upgraded successfully to X when it came out.
Have 1 file with +14,000 records.
Each record has multiple files and 1 field with name of external disk with folder of photos.
That disk crashed.
I have copy of the folder on other disk, that I copies on my system disk: MacintoshHD.

How can I change in 1 batch process the name of the original crashed disk in the field containing the photo name;

original: Heist_2t:Panorama data:China:Xian 2:DSC00200.jpg
New: Macintosh HD:Panorama data:China:Xian 2:DSC00200.jpg

Note: manually changing Heist_2T into Macintosh HD in one record, didn’t work. The photo was not retrieved in that record

There may be some folders missing from the path. Usually a folder on the system disk, will be somewhere within the user’s home folder, for example, this is a path to a picture on my hard drive.

Macintosh HD:Users:dthmpsn1:Pictures:Family:IMG_0690.JPG

and this is that same picture, using a UNIX style path.


Both styles of path will work. To get a better idea of what your path might be missing, you can do this.

Put another image display temporarily on your form, or add a temporary form, and put an image display object in it.

Drag one of your pictures into the formula pane of your temporary object.

This will put the path of that picture in the formula pane. If you put quotes around that path, and click the apply button, it should display that picture. The path will be the UNIX style path, rather than the style you are using, but you should be able to see if there are any folders you have been leaving out, and what they are.

To make a mass change to an entire field, use the Morph Field or Find & Replace dialogs.

Let me add another suggestion – if all of the images are really in the same folder, I would recommending changing the formula in the Image Display object to include the formula, and removing the path from the data cells – just leave the filename in the data. That way, if the folder location ever moves again, all you have to do is edit one formula, instead of having to change every record in the database (though with the dialogs I mentioned above, changing every record is pretty easy).

Thank you. The Find & Replace dialog was the solution!!