Certificates and other graphic reports

Hi — Before I pull the trigger on purchasing your software, I need to know that I can create the reports that I’ve done for decades in Filemaker (which, as you know from the influx of interest you must be enjoying as of Catalina, is cost prohibitive). I own a karate school and use the database to print may graphic-oriented products for students. I’m basically trying to create certificates, invitations, etc. Here are two, both of which are over 90% NOT data fields, and one of which orients what fields it does use in different directions. Can Panorama X do this?

(Hm. I can’t seem to upload images here, even though they’re only 3MB each.)

Thanks for your time.

You should be able to upload iimages to this forum. All you need to do is drag the image file from the Finder to your forum post.

Are you saying you need the text to print at different angles? If so, Panorama cannot do that. It can only print text horizontally. Of course if ALL of the fields are vertical, then you should be able to do that by switching the page setup to landscape.

As for images, Panorama can do that, but with a caveat. If the image is fixed, like the background for a certificate, no problem.

If the image needs to change from record to record, that can be displayed on the screen using an Image Display object.

However, at the moment there is a bug that prevents printing of Image Display Objects if you are using macOS 10.14 or 10.15. It works with 10.13 or below. Unfortunately, I can’t promise when this bug will be resolved.