Catalina creating problems

I have a client who upgraded to OS 10.15 and he is having problems with Panorama X now. He can’t move up and down records when using a form, several forms are not displaying properly even though the text objects were set to system fonts, when trying to edit text display objects on forms in graphics mode, nothing appears in the Modify Attributes pane, etc.

Has anyone else had difficulties after upgrading to 10.15?

Thank you.

For what it’s worth, our analytics suggest that between 30% to 60% of Panorama X users are running macOS 10.15, and no other similar reports have come in.

I have also had this happen but haven’t noticed any of the other items. The form has to be closed then reopened to work around this.

Panorama 10 System 10.15.6

Actually, you can click on the “Pane" tool in the toolbar to hide the pane, then click on it again to display the attributes. The question is, why does this happen at all?

I’m still on Mojave, but have a few of those problems randomly. Randomly enough I haven’t tried to track down why, frequently enough to put in a work around.

Using arrows to go up or down records in some forms does nothing, or just moves the form up or down. I have added up/down buttons on a couple of the forms where this happens most often.

I have definitely had the edit text display problem you mention many, many times. Usually closing the entire DB (not just the form) and reopening takes care of it. I tend just to use the text edit object now instead of text display.

Yes, it’s buggy. I’m a new user to Panorama and the usability didn’t necessarily affect my decision to jump in, but have had to quit and restart a couple of times as well for certain bugs in graphics mode on the forms (could be the one mentioned above), otherwise the bugs are more of an inconvenience. Unfortunately I can’t offer specifics as it’s been long enough since I created some of the forms that I don’t clearly remember what triggered what, but the one I remember is when going to edit a label, the text entry field is always offset from the actual label, though after closing the label appears correctly again. I’m on the 16" mbp and could be related to that, not sure if that particular thing is a Catalina issue or screen size.