Can't Upload to Database Exchange

After trying over and over and over along with several Quits and launches, I can’t get the Upload button to activate.

The file validates, but the Upload button stays dimmed.

This is an old problem but it used to respond eventually.

The same here: Successfully validated, upload not possible. (Pan X 10.2.0 b33 (4268), Mac OS Sonoma 14.0)

Obviousy you succeeded in uploading two days later. How did you succeed? Or was this one of those cases where it “eventually responded”?

No, it still doesn’t respond. I had been trying to do a new listing and upload for Mailbox, but instead turned to updating the listing for the past version. In that instance the Upload button was highlighted - BUT - all I really had to do is replace the zipped copy on my server.

I did want to update the posted description though and so far I’ve been unable to do that. I’ve entered it and, seeing no other option, clicked Upload. Sometimes nothing happens, other times it says it needs Moderator Approval. Even though the old listing is retained, the new one is always pre-filled if I open the window to enter it.

While the download is correct for the new version, the description remains in place for an older version. That’s why I ended up posting the description on the forum.

I did check it again just now on the existing listing and my file validated, but Upload got a Notification that Validation was needed. Maybe that’s a clue as to why it doesn’t become active on new file submissions.