Can't stop the tab key

I have a database with fields A through H. If in the code area of field B, I enter Field G, when tabbing through B in the data sheet, the cursor moves to field H instead of G. If in the code area of field G, I enter Field A, when tabbing through G in the data sheet, the cursor moves to field B instead of A. If I place the code in a procedure available to the Action menu, the cursor moves to the correct field when the procedure is selected.

First, it executes your code, then it executes the tab key. Your code in Field B took it to Field G, then the tab key took it to the next field, which was field H.

The StopTab command is on the list of unimplemented statements. For now, you will just need to hit enter, instead of tab, so that it will execute your code and stop.

I’ve had (and reported in BitBucket) this problem for a long time. When I use your suggestion, I do get the expected results in the DataSheet.
However, when I use your suggestion in a form, the code is not executed and I remain in the field with the (unexecuted) code. If I then tab, I go to the next field on the form.

The only clue I have is that this is a DB imported from P6, where the form object that isn’t executing its code was a data cell.

Hah! I deleted the old TEO and replaced it with a fresh one built from scratch, and suddenly all was well and the enter key took me to the place I wanted to go.

The moral of the story is that when a P6 data cell is converted to a Px TEO all bets are off.