Can't see upcoming live sessions

I can’t see the upcoming live sessions under the Help menu on PanX 10.2. I had to reset my password on the Panorama Forum, and wonder if my registration link to the course was broken.

No chance of that. The only reason your forum user name was needed was so that he could add you to the Beta 10.2 group in the forum. You obviously haven’t lost that, or you wouldn’t have been able to post within this group.

Do you mean the menu item isn’t appearing

or that you aren’t seeing the calendar after you choose it. If it’s the first, maybe you inadvertently launched 10.1 instead.

Here’s what it should look like right now (except that your time zone may be different).

Dave is correct, the password on the forum has nothing to do with it. I think his suggestion of making sure you are really running 10.2 is a good one.

I’m seeing the same issue reported by others: I have 10.2 open and working for a while, try to see the upcoming courses sheet, am told I’m not eligible. Restart 10.2, see (again) the little notification that I’m authorized, and then the courses shows up as expected.

I can see the course - but there is no “Join Session” link…

The “Join Session” link has now appeared…

No entries in the calendar here

Closing and relaunching PanX fixed it - or else it was just a coincidence that it started working.