Can't see my DataSheet

I have a file which has a hidden data sheet. My Window menu indicates that the database is open, but I cannot get the sheet to come into view. My disobedient database is called ProForma. I have tried creating a new database and executed the following code without any success:

OpenSecret “ProForma”
Window “ProForma:Secret”
Message “Done”

The message “Done” appears, but my data sheet related to ProForma does not appear.

Any ideas?

I finally was able to get the data sheet to appear using the following code:

Zoomwindow 100,25,200,500,""

Do you sometimes have an external monitor hooked up to your computer? It sounds like the data sheet window was saved in a spot where it was not visible on the main monitor.

Yes, I have an external monitor hooked up to my computer, which I occasionally unplug when traveling with my laptop. However, my monitor is always set to mirror the laptop screen. This morning I could not bring one of my procedure windows into view. The Zoomwindow statement had no affect on the missing procedure window. I finally closed all other windows on the computer and noticed a window on the far left side of my screen that was only one pixel in width. I was able to pull that window into normal viewing range, and sure enough it was my missing procedure window. I am not sure what would cause these windows to be saved “off screen” or if there is a way to prevent this from happening.

If you option click on the Window menu you will see an option called Arrange in Front which will stack all open windows on top of each other in the center of the screen. This should bring any wayward window back onto the main screen.

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That’s cool Gary, I did not know about that! That is apparently a standard feature Apple has provided in the Window menu, I just tried it and Preview and Terminal work exactly the same way. This kind of thing is why Panorama X tries to use Apple’s code as much as it possibly can, so that it automatically gets the proper “Apple style” operation.