Can't scale a data sheet printout

Setting the scale in the data sheet makes no difference to either the printout or the Preview. The Preview shows three pages but the print dialog says there’s only one and that’s all it’s willing to print. This happens on two computers with two printers.

The only way I can print the whole of a data sheet is to export it (via a text file) to Panorama 6 which is something of a retrograde step.


This has been on the list for a while, though not that long as it is listed about 2/3rds down the first page of open items.

I thought it had been raised before - I should have looked more carefully - I only checked the forum, not BitBucket. I’m surprised it isn’t a high priority - lots of users don’t go beyond the data sheet, But then, people don’t use hard copy as much as they used to. My recollection is that you hardly ever print anything down.