Can't Quit Panorama X

Still working on chasing down code that is no longer supported in X, and decided to quit Pan X and start fresh. From the PanoramaX menu I click on “Quit Panorama X” and nothing happens except that “Panorama X” remains highlighted in the menu bar, suggesting that it is hard at work. Then it stops being highlighted but still nothing is happening. Click on the PanoramaX menu item and now “Quit Panorama X” is grayed out. I can right-click on the Pan X icon in the dock and click on Quit, but still nothing happens. Pan X is still functional; I can close every window and it is still active, and I can even start opening files again, but Quit is not an option. I could Force Quit but it is responding fine. Before I do that, which might destroy evidence that would help solve this, I want to see if the forum has any ideas.

I have had numerous occasions where I had to do a “Force Quit” with Panorama X but they have been getting fewer and fewer as time goes on and the program matures. I’m sure that I will have this experience on rare times even when Pan X is totally finished. I know I still do with Pan 6 even today but I do a lot of off-beat experimenting and that should be expected.

I’ve had occasions like that myself; what distinguished this case is that Pan X was still running fine, would open and close files, but Quit was grayed out in the menu and it wouldn’t respond to clicking Quit from the dock. I guess I’ll just Force Quit it and move on.

I have just been added to the pre-release testing and played with Panorama twice for a short period. The second time, I selected quit and nothing happened. Selected quit from the icon in the dock, nothing happened.

Then I saved the database, selected Quit from the file menu and Panorama highlighted, beachball appeared and 10 seconds later, it quits.

Maybe you have to save first. And think happy thoughts…

I don’t think that was it for me, but it might apply in other cases. I have in the past Quit Pan X without saving a modified database first, and it immediately prompted me as to whether I wanted to save the changes first, as I would expect.
Thinking happy thoughts often is effective, but not in this case.