Can't open alias

Just for info. This resulted from double-clicking on the alias - quitting and trying again worked OK. Just before, I had opened a file whose .Initialize could not complete its code. That may have triggered this.

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 8.57.39 am

When double clicking in the Finder, an alias should be fine. The Finder handles the alias and passes Panorama the actual file, not the alias.

However, Panorama cannot handle alias files in procedure code. For example, the opendatabase statement won’t work with an alias, only with an actual database. You also can’t use alias files in the auxiliary database panel.

It can handle symbolic links though. In Terminal, you can create a symbolic link with

ln -s path/to/file path/to/link

Panorama could create one with a shellscript command.

I have a Panorama database named Nim.pandb on the Desktop. I have a symbolic link to it, named Nimrod.pandb in the Documents folder. This statement opened Nim.pandb

OpenDatabase "~/Documents/Nimrod.pandb"

Agreed. But it wasn’t fine which is why I posted it. Not important.

It’s perfectly reasonable that you posted it. However, there’s nothing that ProVUE can do about a problem with the Finder. When you double click on an icon, the Finder handles figuring out what to open, including resolving an alias link if you clicked on an alias. If you can figure out how to duplicate this problem, you should report it to Apple.