Can't open 2 View Organizer Windows

The View Menu does not show View Organizer as an option when one View Organizer window is already open. Instead, it changes to Enter Full Screen.

It does not show View Organizer, if View Organizer is the active window.

Thanks Kurt. I see that now. Has it always been like that?

I am not sure if that came with b7 or b8.

In a similar way, I was irritated that the menu item Open Favorites does not appear in the File menu, when I launch Panorama X without opening a database).

As soon as I open a database, “Open Favorites” appears in the File menu.

When I close the last open database, the command remains in the File menu.

The missing View Organizer menu item started with b7. When the View Search menu item was added, I neglected to extend the length of this truncated View menu. I have just made this fix for the b9 release. In the meantime, you can also open a second View Organizer by choosing the Window>New View Organizer Window command.

I can confirm the problem with the File menu on launch. I seem to recall that this was a longstanding problem with 0.1 beta versions that was difficult to get working properly, apparently some change in 10.2 has broken this again. I have put this issue into Bitbucket.