Can't Morph a binary field from the data sheet

If I right-click on a binary field in the data sheet and choose Morph>Morph Field, no dialog box appears - should it?

I can write a procedure,

field mgFirstBinaries formulafill texttobinary(mgFirstChars)

and I get a result.

You can also choose Fill with Formula… and get a dialog where you can type your formula.

It shouldn’t just fail silently. Most likely I’ll just have it display an error message.

When I tried it, it displayed a notification, but not an attention grabbing alert that had to be dismissed before you could continue.

Aha, I had Do Not Disturb on when I tested so I didn’t see that. Michael, did you also have DND on?

I’ve changed the code so that the notification will always appear, even if Do Not Disturb is enabled.

In the process, I discovered that the undocumented “ALWAYSDISTURB” option for the nsnotify statement now works. I originally implemented this back around OS X 10.9, based on Apple documentation. However, at the time this feature didn’t work (which is why I didn’t document it). Apparently at some point Apple has fixed this feature, so now it is possible to override the user’s Do Not Disturb setting when displaying a notification. Since the alternative is an even more obnoxious modal alert, I think displaying the notification in this instance is reasonable.

I don’t know what or where Do Not Disturb is. Is it Apple or Panorama X?

OK, I worked out it’s in Notifications And yes, it’s always on - I hate Notifications with a passion.

But why have a notification? If I can write a procedure that says:

field BinaryStuff formulafill texttobinary(alpha)

and it works, why can’t I put that into a Morph field in a dialog box? And why does no dialog box appear?

All kinds of additional work is necessary to make that happen. The Morph Field dialog is really designed as a help for low experience users that don’t want to/can’t figure out how to type in a formula. That type of user is never going to be morphing binary fields, and there is really no assistance that Panorama can give them if they want to. So since there are multiple other ways to accomplish this task for expert users, I didn’t waste time implementing this.

This is a zero sum exercise. Every item I work on means something else is left undone. So triage is necessary.

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