Can't install b25

I downloaded b25 to perform the latest Panorama upgrade. After clicking the install button I received the following notice as expected:

However, I am not sure the changes actually took place since About Panorama X still displays b24:

After installing the update, if I check for updates, I am told that I need to update to b25. Has anyone else experienced this?

What it appears to be telling you is that you have more than 1 copy of Panorama on your computer.

Good hint. I have two user accounts. When I deleted Panorama X from one user account, I noticed it was also automatically deleted from the other user account. Then I installed Panorama from scratch:

From there I updated to b25, and the update worked. Much thanks for your help.

Ran into a similar problem. I have ONE copy of PanX and one of Pan 6 on my iMac. Pan X has an icon in the dock, Pan 6 doesn’t. When I opened PanX today I got a notice that an upgrade from 24 to 25 was available, which I clicked on. Seemed to download OK, then I got a notice that the download was corrupted, couldn’t be unpacked. But your screen offered only the option to install, no obvious way to reload. Quitting the program didn’t help; it stayed at "install"only. Shortening the story, I finally hit install anyway, everything seemed to work, the Panorama installer claimed it was successful, the upper left now said it was --25(3901), but the listing in the App folder on my hard disk still said 24, with its older build number, as did the icon in the dock. Saving the program didn’t change the 24 to 25 in the App folder, so I manually changed it, tossed the icon and made a new one, figuring these’s always the revert button. Somewhat surprisingly, everything seems to be working normally now; when I check for updates your same installer appears and says b25 is already installed. Whew!

The name of the application in the Applications folder can be anything you want. I have two versions in my app folder. One of them I call PanoramaX, and the other I call PanoramaX beta. When you install, the new one replaces the old one, and has the same name, so when I replaced b24 with b25, it retained the name PanoramaX beta.

If you want to verify the version number, you can choose About PanoramaX from the PanoramaX menu, or you can select its icon in the Finder, and Get Info.