Can't get rid of a corrupted procedure

I have a procedure called .ControlPanel which is somehow corrupted . When I try to open it, I get the message:

“OPENPROCEDURE statement failed, procedure .ControlPanel
does not exist”

I also have a working similarly-named procedure.

I suspect that its name has a trailing Return or similar but I can’t work out what. How do I get rid of it?

I think Jim’s advice about deleting a form with the View Organizer applies for procedures, too: Open the View Organizer, select the Procedures tab, and drag the corrupted procedure on the Trashcan icon at the lower right of the View Organizer. — The Trashcan icon is hard to see on the gray background.

The theory is good but this is what happens:

… and this is what the View Organizer shows:

I don’t know where the empty line came from or what it means.

A little more info - when I drag the corrupted procedure to the Trash, it’s actually the working procedure that disappears. It would seem that the displayed (non-working) procedure is not really there.

I think the empty line is the corrupt duplicate in the View Organizer.

It it does not work via drag’n drop on the trash can, I would try it vice versa: Create a new database and copy all the good stuff (data, forms and procedures) from the old to the new database. Then finally delete the problematic database.

I think you’re right - I was hoping to avoid all that work. Thanks Kurt.

It is pretty easy and fast to copy forms and procedures from one database to another using the View Organizer – just open two windows and drag between them.

Oh dear! I wish I’d known that before I did it the hard way. The View Organizer is actually a very clever device.