Can't download PanoramaX

I can’t seem to download a fresh copy of PanX from:

When I click on the Download Trial button, nothing happens.

Is it broken or is 10.2 imminent?

Instead of the extended link you show (, simply go to and you will see the Demo tag highlighted in the top menu bar for the page. Now clicking the Download Trial button will open a dialog to walk you through the download and installation.

@larrywilson where did you get that link? Gary is correct, that is an out of date page. If it’s a link you had lying around from years ago, please discard it. If there is a current link to that page, I would like to know where it is so that it can be corrected.

I did a search for PanoramaX on DDG and it was fifth from the top and the first result that contained Provue

Hmm, not too much I can do about Duck Duck Go’s page rank algorithm.

The good news is Google does a much better job, at least for me.

I have Duck Duck Go set up as my default search engine, but unfortunately I find myself switching over to Google a lot because I find the search results are a lot more useful.

But Google is sooooooo EVIL!

I just hate the information collection and tracking and targeting of ads and…

I guess you could redirect the link to

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