Can't download Pan X 10.1.2

I tried to download the new version of PanX 10.1.2, but when I click in “Check for Updates” in the PanX menu I get the following message:

"Update Error!

PanoramaX can’t be updated when it’s running from a read-only volume like a disk image or an optical drive. Move PanoramaX to your Applications folder, relaunch it from there and try again."

PanX is in the Applications folder.

Why do I get this message and how do I update PanX?

Make sure that the copy that is running is the copy you think it is. Click and hold the icon in the dock, choose Options>Show in Finder to check.

As Bruce mentioned, you probably have multiple copies of Panorama X on your computer. For simplicity, you should probably find and delete all of the copies that are outside of the Applications folder. If you don’t, you may run into this problem again in the future.

Also, you can always manually download Panorama X from the main web page. Just download the trial version, that’s the same as the regular version.

This can happen if the last time you updated, you downloaded a zip file, and dragged it to the Applications folder before you unzipped. One way to check to see if this is the problem would be to drag the application to another folder, drop it in the other folder, and then drag it back.

Gateway path randomization runs the application from a read only disk image until you drag it to some other folder besides the one it was in when you unzipped.

Thanks for the advice.

PanX 10.1.2 downloaded and installed successfully.

Wow, obviously I knew about that once upon a time, since you were quoting me quoting you, but I entirely forgot about that. Thanks for the save.