Can't delete last record in database

Something strange going on with one of my files. I can’t delete the last record in the database. Instead, the next to last record is deleted. Anybody ever experience this before?

I have the same problem. Didn’t anyone help you?

Using Delete from the Edit menu doesn’t seem to do anything, but pressing the delete key on the keyboard works for me. The Delete tool on the tool bar works as well.

Delete Record, from the Records menu also works.

The Delete command in the Edit menu deletes the current cell, not the entire record.

Somehow I missed this post 3 years ago. Does “last record” mean the bottom record? I have never heard of a problem where anything other than the current record is deleted.

If there is only one record in the database, Panorama will not delete it. There must be at least one record in the database, zero records is not allowed. Since @panaca mentioned “next to last record” he clearly has more than one record in his database, but @Rabe, do you possibly have only one record in the database. If that is the case, then correct, Panorama will not delete it.