Can't connect to local server

My first try at sharing a Pan X file, having trouble. Pan X b35
I have a server running on one Mac. It’s running Sonoma. My client computer is running 12.7.2, Monterey. Both Max are on my local network. I have successfully uploaded two files to the server. But, there are no sessions open. Every time I try to connect, I get a message that says could not connect. Same message appears when I try to check the server connection.

The server is registered to one panorama account, and my files were created with a different account, but my understanding is that this should work.

I deleted my two files from the server, and uploaded a much simpler file, but the same thing happens. I see the padlock icon, not the Wi-Fi icon.

I watched most of the tutorial videos for setting up the server, including the deep dives, I’ve scoured the Help file, I don’t know what to try next. Thanks as always for any help!

—OK, found something. I unlocked my file from its account, then I could upload it and have a connection. But this doesn’t seem too useful to me, I need to be able to restrict the user capabilities which I can only do if it’s locked to an account. I believe Jim said in another forum post that the server doesn’t care who is connected.

This is true, but…

… it’s not the case if you lock the database to an account. If the database is locked to an account, then ALL of the computers have to be running that account, both the client AND the server. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense – the database is locked to the account, so only computers logged into the account can access the database. The server needs to be able to access the database, and it can’t if the database is locked to a different account.

You have identified a situation that I didn’t think of before and apparently no one else has tried before. If you attempt to upload a locked database to a server that is running a different account, Panorama should refuse to do that and explain what the problem is. I’ll add this to the list of fixes to work on. But the fix will simply be a better error message - it will definitely not ever be possible to use a locked database on a computer that is not logged into the account that the database was locked to.

Understood, and thanks for the explanation. I’m setting up a server for one company, and while I have the server running, I’m using it to test files for a second organization that has been thinking about using a server, but hasn’t decided yet. So for my testing, I guess I can just use the files unlocked, and then if the organization decides to implement a server, we will be able to lock them when they are on their own server using their account.

Fix added.