Cannot start Panorama X Server

Good evening.
I’m trying to start Panorama server for the first time. When I press “Start Panorama Server” I get an error message stating that my balance must be more than two months, and offering to open the Site License. The Site License says I have 22 months remaining. Quitting and starting again hasn’t helped.

Clearly that is an incorrect error message, but the problem is that you did not sign up for the Panorama Server beta, only the 10.2 beta. At this time Panorama Server is only available to customers that signed up for the $295 Panorama Server course back at the beginning of the year.

Thankyou. Had that been the error message I would have understood. I vaguely remembered I hadn’t paid for the server, but when I looked couldn’t find any reference to how I could now buy that (I guess I can’t) but the documentation seemed to suggest I just needed to turn it on - which is what I was trying to do. Any idea of when the server will be available to the public generally?