Cannot change Icon Image for a Pan X Database

I often change the look of an Icon for identification purposes.

But one database I have refuses to let me change the Icon.


I put an image on the clipboard and then do “Apple I” or Get Info from the Upper Menu in the finder, the File Menu, which is two over to the right from the Apple Menu Icon, and in a sub menu “Get Info”.

I then go to the upper left, highlight the Icon Image, and Paste the new image in.

One database will not allow me to do that with a PanX Database. I can select another Pan X Database and no problem.

The recalcitrant database is not locked, and is in the same folder as another.

Not a show stopper obviously. And I can do it with databases 10 times larger or more, so it does not seem to be size related.


FYI, the problem you are describing really has nothing to do with Panorama - it’s an Apple Finder problem. There’s nothing wrong with asking this question here, but you might have better luck getting an answer on a general Apple support forum.

Thanks Jim,

I suspected that. I just was not sure if the special Panorama Icon might be involved. Although even to me that did really make a lot of sense.

There seems to be a lot of stuff that does not work like the Good Ol’ Days by Apple.

Fortunately it is not a showstopper, just befuddling.