Can you interact with a web page

Amazingly, this was asked in 2018. But time has passed and maybe there’s a different answer.

Specifically, I’d like to go to a URL, enter a username and password, navigate to another page, and download a text file that would be imported into Panorama. I’m guessing for part/most of the work, I could use one of those “sequence copiers” that records keystrokes and mouse movement. If that “sequencer” was AppleScript aware, I could let it do fill/grab when triggered by AppleScript from within Panorama. For those who pull data from 3rd party webpages, how do you do it now?

I would probably want to use the url( function if possible.

It sounds like you are thinking of trying to script Safari. That could be possible with an AppleScript.

Either way, what you are talking about is commonly called “screen scraping” or “web scraping”. One thing to keep in mind about this idea is that it is fragile, if the web site changes then your scripts will break.