Can Permanent Variables be Shared with All Users?

I am confused about the prospect of sharing a permanent variable with other users of a shared database. The Help page for permanent variables says this

Permanent values can be used with shared databases, but they aren’t shared. Each local copy of the database has it’s own private copy of the permanent variables. There is no way that one user can find out what another user’s permanent variables contain, and no way to change what values are stored in another user’s variables. If you want to share this information, consider using a server variable, which is stored on the server and shared with other users of the shared database. See [Server Variables (Shared Variables)]

But on the New Generation Form, there is an option to share Permanent Variables. This suggests to me that I can create a permanent variable, assign a value, and then upload a new generation and all users will then have that permanent variable. If so, I think the Help Page needs some revision. The variable is not shared through the server the way data is synchronized, but it can be shared with a New Generation fo the database, is that right?

Your understanding is correct. The documentation probably does need to be changed. The ability to include permanent variables in a new generation is a very recent feature, so apparently I didn’t go back and revise those pages when I added that feature. Sometimes I need someone to keep me on my toes.

In general, you probably want to avoid using permanent variables with shared databases, or at least be very careful in using them. Perhaps it might be ok for some rarely changed value, like a tax rate.

I suggested some changes to the Permanent help page for your consideration using the Corrections function. I hope that will be useful.

Cool, thank you – I will check that out later :slight_smile: