Can Not Print Envelopes

I have converted a database to PanX. I can not figure out why I can no longer print envelopes correctly. There appears to be no errors in the procedure. The printer layout is landscape mode.

The form contains the following fields located at 7 inches horizontal and 4 inches vertical.
City, State

The Procedure is:
Setwindow 1,1,1,1,""
Openform "Small Envelope"
PrintOneRecord Dialog

The print preview shows two blank pages. What am I doing wrong?

I would suggest that you remove the Hide & Show as those commands have been deprecated for many, many years. Advise if that makes a difference.

Robert Ameeti

Same result. Worth a try.

Try to rebuild your form with Panorama X elements.

Does the form print properly if you manually print it?

You might look into the printtopdf statement.

I use this database for envelopes using landscape printing. It seems PanX does not like landscape printing. When I change the page setup to landscape I get 2 blank pages printed. I see no way to change the fields on my form 90 degrees to use portrait printing. If this is possible, please tell me how.