Can not open View Organizer

Hello Friends,
I get the following dialog when trying to open the View Organizer.
No matter what database I open I get this when I try and open the View Organizer

Go to the Finder and right-click the and choose Show Package Contents. Then navigate to the Wizards folder in the Resources folder and see if the View Organizer.pandb file is actually there or missing. If it is somehow missing you will need to reinstall Panorama X. If it is indeed still there…probably best to reinstall anyway.


Thanks. I did not see it there. Can you please tell me what is the best way to do a re-install?
Thanks Gary

Get a current copy from the ProVUE site to replace what you are now using:

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Thanks. Is there a uninstall first? Do I drag the Pan X app the the trash first?

Once you unzip the download you can simply drag it to the Applications folder and have it replace the existing copy.

Thanks Gary, Everything is good now. I have my View Organizer back. Don’t know where it went but I am glad it is back. Thank God for a forum this like this where people like you have answers. Thanks again!!