Can not generate new generation

I can open a file and I get the Opening Connection to <Server_Name> as I should. Then I attempt to use Database Options to do a ‘New Generation’ and get an Internal Error in Dialog Logic.
Image 6-29-21 at 9.07 AM
Quit and restart Panorama does nothing different.
Then an error that I am not authorized to run b16.

I continue to not be able to modify the file’s field structure.

I open the file and all appears normal with Panorama telling me that it is opening on the server. But if I attempt to use the New Generation button, I get an error.

What now?

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I would try first downloading the data. If that did not help, I would replace the entire database with the server copy. If that did not work, I would detach from the server and delete the server copy. Make the desired changes, and upload the file again to the server, aka, the nuclear option.

Use this link to enable instrumentation coverage for the Database Options dialog and the NewDatabaseGeneration operation.


Use the Instrumentation panel to enable instrumentation output to a log file, then attempt to do the New Generation operation. Hopefully the resulting log file will provide a clue to what the problem is.

Do you have this problem with all databases? Or is it just one?