Can I setup a database like this?

I’ve just downloaded the trial in the last hour so this may be a weird question - I did watch the video with the airports so I did try.

I want a database where I can have, for instance a page for each of the airports with pictures etc and a few standard fields.

I then want a database of transactions (like the cheque book example in the video) and have the system update each of the airport pages with the payments they made to me each month.

And a page showing who under-paid and who didn’t pay at all.

And a page showing an overview of how many current airports I have, how much is outstanding in total from the airports and how many airports have completely paid me and no longer owe fees.

I currently do this in Numbers09 but it’s getting unstable and the new version is… not good.

Am I dreaming or can it be done ?

Thanks heaps

Panorama can certainly handle what you’re describing

In my experience, Panorama has been able to handle any custom need one can think of. What you are asking is totally possible.

You have excellent dreams, and as James and Jeff stated, everything you are dreaming of is very possible. However, implementing all of that will take quite a bit of study and work – it’s not something that you’d be able to just push a couple of buttons and it pops out all finished. Best bet is to divide it up into smaller tasks, and accomplish each one before progressing on to the next level.