Can I change my PanormaX database to a text file?

I have been using Panorama for years. (6 was the last until PanoramaX) I add fields to my database that have QuarkXpress tags in them to change the output from bold to medium weight, and back. I also add text to the fields.

After adding the QuarkXpress tags, I change the database to a text file, minus the fields I am not using. Can I revert my PanoramaX database to a text file?

Thank you for your help. My catalog needs to be done this weekend. Dog show entries.

Eileen Parr

The File>Export dialog is your friend. It will guide you through a custom export that will save what you want.

Thank you Bruce! I didn’t even look there, after not being able to find my solution in a search.

You have saved me!

Eileen Parr