Can a plist be safely edited?

On one server used for sharing and web publishing, PanoramaX, not Panorama Server, started crashing if dbpath( was invoked.

dbname( still works, and dbinfo(Folder”,dbname()) also works. Why dbpath( fails is odd and who knows what else?

Comparing the plists from today and a few days ago, I found this interesting difference:

The one on the right is from before the issue began. Could it be the issue, and is it safe to edit the plist? Deleting it leaves a lot of settings in need of restoration.

The machine had run well for some time before this issue occurred. Today, the Ventura OS it was running on had a Ventura update run and the problem is resolved. Who knows why, but who’s complaining?

“The plists”? Your computer is filled with plists. Which one are you talking about? Ok, I did some digging and I think you are referring to com.provue.PanoramaX.plist in the preferences folder.

The NSNavLastRootDirectory item in this plist is not generated or used by ProVUE’s code. I suspect that it is generated by Apple’s code for the Open File dialog. I looked at it on my computer and it had a path to a random folder that could well be the most recent folder I looked at with the Open File dialog.

Probably not. Apple documentation says that this should not be edited manually, because they keep cached copies - so if you edit it manually, the cached copy won’t match your edited copy. In any case, I very much doubt that this is the source of the problem.

dbinfo(Folder”,dbname()) also works

The dbpath( function takes the output of dbinfo(“folder”,“”) and runs it thru hfspath(. So it sounds like perhaps hfspath( is the source of the crash. Pretty surprising since that is a very simple routine. Though it’s more complicated than you might think, because it needs to access the list of mounted volumes. So my guess would be there was something wrong with the list of mounted volumes. That’s not a problem I’ve ever heard of before. But it sounds like that the system update resolved the problem.