Calculating the width of a string

I don’t see a way to delete a post or I’d scrap this one … I found TextList (ListBox in other languages) and will absorb the sizing information, making most of the post below, moot.

However, in setting the font, I saw that PanoramaX didn’t have Courier or New Courier but does have CourierNewPSMT. So, in my system, PanX has its set of fonts and something like TextEdit or MSWord has its own set. I’ll have to do homework on Fonts because I often use mono-spaced or need a slashed zero.

I’ve made my text list and dumped a dictionary into it so good for now.

If I had, on the fly, various width strings I’d want for a title in list box, I think I’d need to know their physical width to specify (in programming) the dimension of the list box. Is there a handy way to do that?

I imagine, for any given Font/Size/Style, and Mono-Spaced (i.e. Courier) I could create some strings and measure them to determine a constant “w” so my string width would be w x the number of characters in the string.

Or is there a fancier way to have objects with text fields “grow” to a width wide enough to show a full line without cropping or wordwrap?

Nevertheless, it‘s worth reading measuretext( function

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