Calculating Age

I used this formula but it is not working correctly. Any suggestions

today() - date(«Date of Birth»)

It returns a big number

That formula should return the correct age in days. Where to go from there depends on what you need.

Both Panorama 6 and Panorama X have an age( function. It will give the age in years the way people normally do it. For example, the day before your 50th birthday, you are 49 years old.

Where do I find the age function. I have looked and searched. Nothing

If we are talking about Pan 6 (you haven’t set a category for your post), then take a look at Panorama > Help … > Programmer’s Reference .

In Panorama 6, press control-r to get the Panorama Reference, and type age( in the search box.

In Panorama X, choose Panorama X Help from the Help menu, choose ALL from the menu in the search box, and then type age(

I have everything working now. Thank you