Calculate number of days between two dates

I’ve ever only used the simplest operators to do arithmetic calculations that fill a field. It appears I would use datevalue( to plug in the number of days between DateA and DateB fields, but how to write the formula?

If you have two date fields, you can calculate the number of days between with simple subtraction, for example


That’s it!

The datevalue( function is only used if you have separate values for year, month and day and you want to convert them into a Panorama date value, which combines all three into a single value.

A more commonly used function is date(, which converts text like 2/17/2018 or Jan 5 into a date value.

But if you are using a date field type, you usually don’t need either of these functions.

You may find this general help page about date calculations and conversions helpful.

Thank you! Leave it to me to complicate yet another thing you’ve made easy in X!


Date arithmetic actually works exactly the same in Panorama X as it did in previous versions.