Button colors in PanX

Many of my forms I use color coded buttons (Red, Green, etc.) For the life of me I can’t figure out how to color buttons in PanX.

This was covered a while ago:

Take a look at Gary’s button demo for alternatives


Robert Ameeti

I did a search but didn’t see that come up. I tell you, moving from 6 to X is a major undertaking. So far every database and most procedures require tweeking and recoding. If it wasn’t for the fact that Jim warned that 6 may someday become inoperative I wouldn’t bother. I’ve been using since day 1 and I’m really surprised how different Panorama X is from previous versions. The change is drastic and now requires a whole new learning curve. I’m also not happy about being asked to pay for a pre-release version and having to constantly do that puzzle every 5 minutes.