Button background color

I’m sure I know the answer is NO to this question but maybe someone has figured it out at this point…

I know how to change the text color in button names but is there any way to change the button color? It would be handy to have buttons colored for instance RED as a caution or GREEN as safe. I used to do that in classic and it was very handy. Yes, I can make a transparent button and place a color behind so I know the workarounds, I’m just curious if this ability will ever return.

Figured it out no, but made it easier for simple buttons yes. If you make a button and set it to “Rounded Textured Button” it will have the interior transparent but the outline and button name will be showing. Placing a rounded colored same sized rectangle underneath it it will simulate the colored button. This will also have the button automatically darken when pressed like any other ‘out of the box’ button. Here is one in action:

That’ll do it for now! I had faith someone had figured a workaround!