Bug: report with Text Display

Put a Text Display in a Data object and set Rich Text to checked. Panorama crashes when trying to print the report. This text display is filled via a formula.

I could not duplicate this on a simple test database: text display object (set to rich text), containing a formula, placed on a data tile printed fine. Printing worked in both single record and view as list mode. Perhaps suggests there’s some additional factors at work in your situation. [PanX 10.1.2; Mac OS 10.14.3]

Set expandable or expand/shrink of the text display to true.

Confirm that setting either of the options in a text display you mention results in crash on print. This is true even without the report tile. Looks like this is a known bug:

Expand/shrink works with no crash as long as rich text is not set. The combination of rich text plus expand/shrink results in a crash.

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This was not a known bug, but it is now.

The quote about not finding anything in the help about shrink/expand was from August 2017. It wasn’t in the help then and variable height didn’t work then. This was added in Panorama X 10.1, both to the program and the documentation.

Hi Jim,

I have always sent postcards to clients, so I have been duplicating the postcards in Panorama X. I have two choices when I decide how the text is to be merged with relevant information (such as names and addresses) from the database. The result when using rich text is that there has to be slightly uneven separation of the paragraphs, because the number of lines in certain paragraphs can change depending on the character length of what is coming in from the database. (Each paragraph goes into a separate Text Display Object.) The result when using plain text and selecting expandable text is uniform paragraph separation without highlighting, such as having selected words in bold text. I have to make a choice because I cannot print these forms if I have selected both expandable text and rich text.

I read your explanation of the history of Word Processing in past versions of Panorama and ongoing choices you have to make as Panorama X is developed, in the discussion “More Word Processor SO uses”. I understand the problems, but I just want to say that the ability to export (to PDF or print) the combination of expandable text and rich text would be a very good feature to have.


That’s why I wrote a bug report, so it won’t be forgotten :slight_smile:

There are only 24 hours each day, so everything can’t be done in one day, unfortunately. Or sometimes, in one year or even a decade.

Hopefully it won’t take a year or a decade. It is preventing me from developing my reports.

I noted that issue #907 is marked as fixed, but my version still crashes. Has the fix been put into 10.1.2? Also, my use case does require variable length text. Thank you.

Its status is still listed as “New” so I don’t think he considers that to be a fix. It’s dated February 7 of this year, and we haven’t had any new version this year.

The BitBucket system doesn’t used the terminology “fixed”, when a bug is fixed, it is marked as resolved. This bug is unusual because it has been partially fixed, which rarely happens. Once 10.2 is released, Panorama will no longer crash if you try to print a variable height form that contains rich text. However, it’s not completely fixed, because it simply prints the rich text as plain text – you cannot print rich text with variable height. I do not expect this to be resolved in 10.2, but in some future, more far off update.