Bug in Skylake and Kaby Lake Hyper-threading

This isn’t strictly Panorama related, but if you have a recent Mac computer, this problem may affect you. Apparently a defect has been found in recent Intel processors, including those used in the latest (last year or so) Mac computers. This defect can, when triggered, cause “unpredictable system behavior: it could cause spurious errors, such as application and system misbehavior, data corruption, and data loss.” There is more information here:


I checked my late 2016 MacBook Pro (with touch bar) and it does have one of the affected processors. Unfortunately, it appears that is nothing that can be done about it at the moment – Apple needs to issue an update that includes the patch that Intel has developed, so keep your eyes out for that. If I see news that the patch has been issued, I’ll post the information here, or if anyone else sees news about this, I encourage you to share.