Browse all versions

Would someone be able to explain, or point me in the direction of an explanation, of how to use the ‘browse previous versions’ and ‘revert’. I know Jim has said in the past this is an Apple feature. I managed to get myself tied up in knots trying use it in a database set. When I reverted back to a previous version (I think), the other databases referencing the new(old) version didn’t recognise it as being there. If I opened the icon for the database, the most recent (non reverted) database seemed to open, but I was unable to find another icon for the version I was wanting to use. I eventually sorted it all out, but don’t actually know what I did, or how I got there?!?!

This is the “Versioning” feature in macOS. Supporting apps (e.g. Numbers, Pages, TextEdit) have it in their File menu and offer the ability to use a TimeMachine-like interface to browse older versions of your documents. You can use this feature to copy something from your older document, or to recover the old version. In this case you are asked where you want to save the recovered version or if you want to replace your file in place.

IMHO the versioning feature is not working well in Panorama X. E.g.: I am not seeing the active file window in the left half of the screen; when I try to scroll in the right half through the saved versions, the TimeMachine interface collapses immediately.

There is a little difference if you use the revert statement in your procedures: This statement simply reopens the last saved version of your database. This is the same like choosing Revert To > Last Saved Version from the File menu.