Black Friday Sale -- 50% off Panorama X Training Videos

ProVUE generally doesn’t do Black Friday sales – or sales at all for that matter. But I do have a fantastic deal for you this year. I really think the Panorama X training sessions are a great way to really master Panorama X, and I’d like for more of you to get the benefit of these sessions. So from now thru November 30th, you can purchase the complete set for 50% off – that’s $200 instead of $400, or about $6 per hour. Just go to

and use this code when checking out:


This is not a rental – the entire course is yours forever for this low price. You can stream online or download the files to your own drive. You can watch on any device, including computer, mobile, or Apple TV (they look great on a 48” screen). But don’t wait too long, this offer is only good to the end of November.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim Rea
President, ProVUE Development


Tried to purchase using 2 different browsers.
Both have just stared back at me after entering all data to purchase…no action…no nothing.
Credit card is valid.
No notification of any errors on data entry.

Geoff W.

Quite a few have successfully purchased the videos without a problem, but you are the second person to report these symptoms. I have submitted a support ticket to Vimeo, since there is nothing I can do about it myself (Vimeo handles the entire transaction – ProVUE doesn’t even get the names of purchasers). I got back an automated response that they have limited support over the holiday so they probably won’t get back to me until Monday :frowning:


Browsers which failed on multiple attempts earlier today were Safari and Vivaldi.
Without trying either of those 2 again, gave Firefox a try just now…success!!

Geoff W.

I got a response from Andy at Vimeo Support, I will include it here in case anyone else runs into problems:

From: Vimeo Support

Sorry for your trouble!

To help us get to the bottom of the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible, please ask any person affected by this issue to contact us directly at:

Some good, simple troubleshooting steps they can run through before reaching out would be to attempt buying the videos in another browser or browsers (making sure to note which ones and versions they were using). Clearing out the cache and cookies in each browser has also produced results, and trying a different payment method may also work.

Once they reach out, we continue to work with them until they’re able to successfully complete their purchase.

Andy W.
Manager, VIP Support (

It looks like Vimeo doesn’t respond properly if you enter 4 digits for the credit card expiration date, instead of 2 (so 17 works, but 2017 doesn’t). I have passed this info along to Vimeo support, but if anyone runs into this problem while making a last minute Cyber Monday purchase (and the coupon is actually good thru Wednesday), make sure there are only 2 digits.

By the way, this promotion was quite successful, nearly doubled the number of users with access to the video training. So I’m expecting lots of smart questions (and answers!) over the coming days and weeks as all of you watch the videos!