BIG NEWS -- Panorama X 10.2 Classes & Preview starts in January!

Since many of you here on the forum have been eagerly anticipating a major new version of Panorama for a long time, I’m making this announcement at the first possible moment – even though it is a weekend right before Christmas, this news can’t wait. After over two years in development, I’m finally ready to let you take a peek at this next major step forward for Panorama. The Panorama X 10.2 release is so big that I gave it the code name Denali, after the highest peak in North America. Denali is scheduled for final release in Spring 2021, but if you want to be an early adopter, there’s now an opportunity to get started before the digital ink is dry. Starting in January 2021, I’ll be teaching not one, but two parallel online courses:

  • Mastering Panorama X 10.2
  • Deploying Shared Databases with Panorama X Team Server

Of course, early access to the corresponding software is included with each course.

There’s so much to tell you about that I can’t possibly cram it into this post, so I’ve prepared a comprehensive FAQ page with everything you need to know about both the new software itself and the curriculum, prerequisites and registration information for the online classes:

Though I’ve dropped hints here and there lately about what I’ve been working on, I’ve kept many of the best new features under my hat until today. I’m so excited to finally be able to take off the wraps just before Christmas. Like all the best Christmas gifts, this one will surprise and delight. I’m looking forward to hearing about what all of your favorite new features are – could it be relational database management with full join? debug instrumentation? advanced clairvoyance™? enhanced automatic layout tools? customizable data validation and duplicate checking? There are so many to choose from.

After a tough 2020, let’s all look forward to better days in 2021, for Panorama and for the world in general. Best wishes to all of you and your families, and I hope to see many of you online in January!

Stay safe,

Jim Rea
Founder, ProVUE Development

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Just what the doctor ordered at the end of this endless year.

On a mundane note, I’d like to sign up for the Mastering course. You probably haven’t considered specific timing yet, but I don’t think I could handle any more 4am starts here in Sydney – it was too difficult to concentrate at that hour during the Panorama X intro classes. Will they be morning or afternoon in your timezone?

Whoops, Sydney is 19 hours ahead of your west coast timezone in January, which means that if your course starts at 11am as before, I’d have to be switched on at 6am. I can manage that! The Intro classes must have been during your spring.

Just hastily read through the release notes. Wow! Who knew you had all this waiting in the wings? No wonder this took so long to finish. My admiration and respect for you have taken a huge leap and they were already extreme. Thank you, Jim!

Quite exciting! I already like relations. Will dig for other delights. What is the January schedule?

BTW: Signing up for early access gets: Error in CGI code

I assume you tried again and it worked, as I see your registration in the database (thank you!). I am puzzled because I don’t see any errors in the server log since Wednesday, when I was doing some development work. Did the error occur when you were opening the form, or submitting your information? I don’t suppose you remember any additional detail about the error message?

Haven’t pinned down the exact schedule yet, but maybe starting the week of the 11th? Will post more firm details as soon as they are set.

What I really would like is video lectures that we could watch at our leisure, and then question and answer sessions later. That would work for me better than a set schedule. It would also allow me to digest the information given before I come up with questions.

I also got the “Error in CGI code”. The error occurs in the Release Notes page,

when one clicks the link-

Panorama X 10.2 Early Access

in the “Panorama X Team Server” section, very near the top of the article.

Has the early access info been released for people who have signed up for the class?

Then I saw the link in @caper’s post and I too got the CGI error message, on 2 different browsers. I hope the early access comes soon, because it’ll respond somewhat to Bruce DeB’s concern, giving us time to play and develop questions before the classes start.

Aha – that is the clue I needed. All the links on the FAQ page work, but I forgot to fix that link in the documentation that has been sitting there for months. It’s fixed now, thank you.

Recordings of the sessions will be privately posted for session attendees, as was done for the 2015 classes. So you don’t have to participate live if that is inconvenient.

Back in 2015, I was expecting only a few people to participate live, and most to participate via the recorded sessions. So I was pleasantly surprised when live attendance generally ran between 70%-80% of attendees, with even live attendance from Australia and New Zealand. So I think there’s a lot of demand for live interaction. I know for the past 9 months I’ve participated in quite a few online sessions that I knew would be available later as recordings – I think there is a definite benefit to the live experience. But everyone has their own option as to what works best for them.

But the link in the documentation just takes me to the FAQ page, and I still can’t find a link for the early access download. So I still am asking can people registered for the class download the new version yet?

Early access is automatic if you are registered for the class. It is not yet available if you are not. The registration link is on the FAQ page.

Presumably, download instructions will be sent to you when you receive the instructions on how to attend.

Actually not. I registered for the class the very day it was announced and got an immediate response with a registration code (presumably Zoom), but no download instructions.

That immediate response was an automated response. There is some manual processing that Jim needs to do to complete your registration.

Got it. Thanks, Dave.

“Media Guide” link at the very bottom of the FAQ page gives a 404 error.

Thanks, it’s fixed now. However, the Media Guide has not been updated with information about Panorama 10.2, that probably won’t happen until the official release in the spring.