Being able to delete a record from the find dialog

Hello Friends,
I have a data base with over 15,000 records. I want to remove/delete certain records. I put in the general search criteria and it might come up with 25 records in the search box. I select the record I want to delete and press “delete” at the top. Nothing happens. I press the “Remove” button on the right and again nothing happens. It seem to me that I should be able to delete a record from here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you double click your selection, it will find that record, and then you can click Delete to delete it. That Delete button deletes the currently active record. The Find won’t happen until the dialog closes. If the Delete button did work while the dialog was still open, it would delete the record that was active before you opened the dialog, not the record you selected within it.

That list of records is simply a preview of what will be selected, if you choose to select, rather than find. It would be cool if you could pick out records to be omitted from the selection, but I wouldn’t expect a dialog whose purpose is to select records to be able to delete them.

There are indeed 2 Delete buttons in the data sheet toolbar, and the icons indicate what they are doing: The Delete button on the left side deletes the active record, the Delete button on the right side deletes the active field (a column of data). So you never should mix them up, or you will lose data.

When you want to delete the 25 found records, select them in your Find dialog and then use “Delete Selected Records” from the Records menu.

@admin : Every user can customize the toolbar to show the tools in a “Text only” view (without the clarifying icons), so I think you should avoid two toolbar items with the same name. You better rename them “Delete Record” and “Delete Field”.

Thank You Dave and KJM for the explanation. The double clicking of the record in the find dialog box was something I never thought of.