…because there is no open data window…

This is exactly what I need to open a db and have it give me the single most important data entry form. (The clutter is driving me crazy.) But adding it at the top of my .Initialize procedure still gets the same complaint.

Here’s the procedure:
setactivedatabase “WBPS Customers”
openform “Medical Record”
local lUpfront
global taglist, tact, gNish, glocalex,glocalexdedup, gSuffix


What’s the complaint? “…because there is no open data window…”?

MakeSecret does not open the database for starters. It’s to make an already open db become secret. You need to use OpenSecret if it is yet to be opened. Then, of course, the form has to be properly named.

I think he is saying that this code is in his .Initialize statement, so presumably the database is already open.

I would suggest that you get rid of this code completely and just use this new feature that does exactly what you are saying you want.

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One-click does it!
I just wanted to insure that when I opened up the db for the day’s entries, there would only be one window there, the general-purpose entry form. And I assumed that if the app was running an .Init procedure on a db, that it couldn’t complain about the lack of a data window, especially with the line "openform "xxx’ " somewhere in the .Init . But that’s moot now.