Bad Date slips through

In testing user input for bad dates at the start of a procedure, I was surprised by some that Panorama had no issues with.

For instance, if the user enters “12/1/fihifjfhfif foifij”, when the procedure checks it for validity using date(“12/1/fihifjfhfif foifij”), the result is 2451880 aka 12/1/2000.

Looking at that string, I’m guessing the algorithm said, “What the f !”

fihifjfhfif foifij is nearly a quarter of a century ago. We did things differently then.

I’ll remember both of you guys the next time you have a question or issue. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It appears that if there are no digits, Panorama is treating the value as zero. Since the century wasn’t entered, it assumes 20 for the century, so the result is 2000. I would agree that this is a minor bug.