B36 install problem

Twice I have checked for updates and get a window showing B36 4425 is available, then hit download, then install. After PanX quits and restarts, About Panorama shows B35. The applications folder shows only b35…

After the download, but before the install, it should be in your Downloads folder with the name PanoramaX_4425 or PanoramaX_4425.app, depending on whether you are showing the file extension. You could try changing its name to match the one in the Applications folder, and then drag the new one into the Applications folder, allowing it to replace the old one.

If there is a permissions issue or something that prevents that, then that might be the problem that blocked your attempts to install.

Another alternative would be to manually download the b36 version from provue.com. Just click on Download Trial.

Got it. Thanks! and happy new year.