B27 Tab Panel Scramble

A file set that I’ve been running for quite some time is trashed when launched on B27. There are a number of files with Tab Panels, Relationships and Auxiliary files that now have elements of others appearing within forms.

Here’s a Contacts file, in the background, that has opened with most graphic elements missing from its Tab Panels. Instead many of them appear in an Auxiliary Addresses database. Other elements are missing altogether.

The Addresses window should be displaying a single line of text.

Window sizes, menus and numerous other elements are also corrupted.

I’ve tried starting repeatedly, and have opened files in different sequences with nothing making any difference. It occurs on two cpu’s both running Monterey.

When I revert to b26 it all works as it has.

Well that’s certainly discouraging. I am not aware of any change in b27 in any code that would affect this sort of thing.

Have you tried opening these databases in diagnostic mode?

Isn’t this a previously reported problem?

Diagnostic Mode opens the files without issues. But of course, it eliminates a number of desirable aspects.

It had been reported before but I have had successful workarounds for some time. I’ve been opening files like Contacts in a small nearly blank window until everything else loaded. Then I opened the desired form and things were fine. B27 changed that.

The only lingering issue I had was the one I noted just a bit earlier today about opening files from triggers with the Tab Panels. It was shortly after that I discovered the rest of it.

So the bottom line seems to be that Tab Panels and Initialize procedures in other files seem to have problems.

I don’t think so. There were no changes to how files were opened. You were probably just lucky that your workaround worked.

Try this workaround. To open an additional file, use this code:

opensecret targetDatabase
setactivedatabase targetDatabase

I’ll try the workaround you’re suggesting. It means the Auxiliary status of some of these files has to be eliminated.

But there is absolutely a difference based on which version of Panorama I’m using. My workaround has worked for several iterations of Panorama. B27 is a huge change in the behavior I’m seeing.

I’ve emailed movies to you showing the considerable difference in the results when launching the Contacts file on each version.

I had made heavy use of Tab Panels and intend to continue using them. I had found workarounds for most of the form corruption previously, but b27 wiped out their effectiveness.

After eliminating all Auxiliary files from five primary files, the three that make use of Tab Panels now open with all of their graphics in place when opened one at a time.

If I have a procedure open the five files, those with the Tab Panels have their graphics scrambled and appearing in the wrong files. If I add a pause after opening each of them, they open fine.

OpenFile “FileA”
OpenFile “FileB”
OpenFile “TabFileA”
wait 2
OpenFile “TabFileB”
wait 2
OpenFile “TabFileC”

Clearly Tab Panels and initialization of other files have some issues.