"AutoOpen" or "Open last file" function?

Hey guys, a quick question: Is there any way Panorama X can be set to load a specific database when it opens? Like the MS Word “AutoOpen” command. Or can it load the last file edited?

You can create an .Initialize procedure that opens whatever you want. The easier way is a right-click on the Pan X icon in the Dock to open one of the recently used documents.

Thanks, KJM. Yes, I’ve been right-clicking on the icon to open databases; but the thing is, there’s one particular database that I refer to constantly, and I’d like that to be open in the background from the start.

So, I’m wondering about the .Initilize procedure. What confuses me is that the Help talks about .Initialize as a procedure “which is automatically called when a database opens”: i.e., it seems to be set up within one database, in order to load a second database when the first one opens.

The Help also talks about openfile and opendatabase, but again they seem to apply from within another database.

How would I get one of these procedures to apply when the app itself opens—before any other database has been loaded?

Thanks for your help!

There are more possibilities in the File menu: You can additionally define Favorite Databases. — If you really always want to open one particular database, I would put an alias to that database into the Dock.

or he could put it in his startup items

I put my startup file in the dock, and start the application from that instead of the application itself. There are many ways to do this

Thank you all for your useful suggestions. Seems like the solution is a lot easier than I thought! One of the options using an alias of the database looks like the way to go.

I appreciate your input!