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I have two questions, which are not specifically about Panorama X but are affected by operations using it. There is a pretty large bank of knowledge on this forum, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The first is that to allow Panorama to control another program, let’s say Apple Mail, you go to the Privacy and Security system preference. There is an option for Automation. It lets you click a checkbox for one app to control another. It lets Panorama control Mail, for example. On my Mac, I have about 6 apps in the window. On new computers I recently set up with Mojave, there are no applications there so I can’t allow Panorama to control Mail or other apps it needs to control. I can drag apps to Accessibility and Full Disk Access but not to Automation. Does anybody know how to get Apps in there?

Secondly, I am having a problem sharing a folder outside of the local network. I have file sharing set up and it works perfectly over the LAN. However, in the past, all you had to do was open port 548 and and the folder was accessible from the outside using afp://. Since High Sierra, smb:// is required to access a shared folder. As I said, this works perfectly over the LAN, but I can’t share the folder from outside the local network. Does anybody know what port needs to opened or to to set up remote file sharing. This is not VNC access but file sharing.

Thanks in advance for any help. If you have no idea why I’m talking about, I apologize if you wasted your time reading this.

According to the Help in the Automation panel: Allow apps to access and control other apps on your Mac. The listed apps have requested access.

So you need an app that requests that access and Panorama must be one that does.

Thanks Jim, I saw that too, but Panorama is not requesting access. I am receiving an error that it doesn’t have permission to send events to Mail. Usually when that occurs, you go to Automation and check the box to allow it. In this case, Panorama is not there and there is no check box.

That’s curious, it is in mine:
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 5.35.55 PM

It’s in mine too. I have more that are not showing and some I don’t want like Word and Excel, however, there is no way to add or remove them. On the the 3 new computers with Mojave, the window is empty.


In your automation pref screen above, what system is that?

Does anybody have Panorama X controlling another app, (eg: sending email through AppleMail) on any system greater than Mojave (10.14)?

Thank you.

Monterey 12.4

I use Panorama to send emails frequently. I have a great number of apps listed and have not paid much attention to this area before now but find it interesting. It appears that a user can restrict certain permissions but it is not clear how to create entries.


Entries are made when one application needs to send Apple Events to another app. Often times, you need to go to this pref and check the box to let it happen. What system was this screenshot from?

Monterey 12.4

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Sorry, I have been visiting this topic sporadically. So you both have the apps in Automation on 12.4. Apple added a check box to allow this via a System Events app in Monterey, but I’m not sure when this app was added. I don’t believe it existed in Catalina but I don’t know about Big Sur. The problem is, their computers can only be upgraded to Catalina. They bought refurbished Macs with Mojave installed, however, the drives were formatted as Read Only and none of the permissions can be changed. Even restarting as root won’t allow the permissions to be changed. I’m going to wipe the drives with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) by using an older system, then upgrade them to Mojave to see if Panorama will start to allow interaction with other apps again. The installer automatically reformats the drive to APFS, but it doesn’t make a read only volume.

Jeff, following your findings. I have been struggling with this problem with Mojave and Catalina as well. I’m trying to send Messages and Mail with PanoramaX and the request never pops-up to add PanX to the Automation section. I only get the message “Not authorized to send Apple events to Messages”.

@admin, is it possible that the PanX app is missing the implementation of NSAppleEventsUsageDescription for Mojave as described in the following article?

Based on what I experienced in the last days with a not working installation of the Safari extension of 1Password 8, I’d like to suggest you consider rebuilding the launchd database of your Mac. You can use utilities like OnyX for that. The launchd database lets the macOS know what applications can do and which services they want to interact with. In my case, 1Password 8 included a “Fix Missing Safari Extension” item in its Help menu, that rebuilt the launchd database. That fixed the problem, indeed, and now the “1Password for Safari” app was able to interact with Safari and to install the extension.

Thank you @hugo! That’s exactly the problem. Daniel Jalkut is a master bug finder/fixer, I subscribe to his blog but I didn’t remember that post from 4 years ago (and I have also met him and correspond with him sometimes, he has directly helped fix a couple of Panorama bugs in the past).

Until b26, Panorama was using the 10.12 SDK so it didn’t require the change described in Daniel’s post. So b25 and earlier worked fine, and any old permissions that were already granted continued to work with b26. So that’s why it’s working for JamesCook and others – he had already set this up with an earlier beta release.

However, now with b26 it’s not possible to add NEW permissions to control other apps. So that is the problem that Jeff and others have run into. I have both duplicated this on my computer, and implemented and verified the fix. So this fix will be in b27.

In the meantime, you could temporarily install b25, run the script to add the permission (or permissions) to the system, then go back to b26.

Thank you Jim, this is a great workaround until b27.

Thank you Hugo. Saved my bacon!

Robert, Though I am a long-time Thunderbird user, I can appreciate the convenience of having sent AND received mail in Panorama - like a sidecar to a customer’s profile.

If you also store incoming mail in Panorama, how do you import it?

I used an Archiver once - to export to text and import to Panorama. I suppose if that action could be scripted (fitting with the theme of this tread) it would be a one button push solution.

It just seems that if I can send email out to quickdata’s Host, I’d be able to pull email in from that host too. Though I don’t want to re-invent Thunderbird.

I only use Panorama to send email via AppleScript and Mail. It is quick, easy, and allows me to log the emails that are sent. I do not attempt to replace the features of Mail by storing the mail in Panorama.