Auto Open Files that were open when last Quit

As many browsers do, I would love to have a Preference (now called a Setting) that Panorama would re-open the files that were open when Panorama was last Quit.

I often am having an issue that I believe will be more expeditiously resolved by Quitting and restarting Panorama but the lack of the ‘feature’ causes me to question the effort of doing that Quit.

(Until that bug of files having their ‘Exclude from Recent Menu’ option checked without user requesting such, this feature would make it all a bit easier.)

This just occurred after I manually re-opened multiple files so again, my only option is to Quit.

Robert, Have you tried File-Database Options-Auxilary? Open the first file and any that you add to the auxiliary window will all open automatically.

That works well for what we used to call a File Set but that is not enough when we have several different projects open at once. Having lots of memory creates working modes with lots of files open for ease of bouncing around at needs arise.

That bug was fixed a while ago. You may still have files that have the option checked, but if you un-check them, they will now definitely stay un-checked.