Assign( and import( functions' incompatibility

I’ve started this new thread because it relates to two other threads and should perhaps be considered on its own.

At Possible problem with assign( function?, Dave Thompson diagnosed an incompatibility between the assign( and import( functions.

Arraymultisort() is a discussion on a limitation of the arraymultisort statement.

Looking at how I might amend that statement, I noticed that it includes an almost identical assign( and import( function combination that works fine.

The one that failed was:

ArrayFilter Array1,Temp,";",assign(?(val(import())<val(MaxMin),import()
    +" "+str(seq()),MaxMin),"MaxMin")

The one that works is:

ArrayFilter CopyArray,TempArray,RowSep,

The difference is that one uses the val( function, the other uses the length( function. This may help Jim to diagnose the source of the problem.

Wrong again Michael - I was looking at an older version - the Panorama X code notes the incompatibility and avoids it.